Links zu Forschungsprojekten, kommerzieller Software und Texten. (Die Seite befindet sich im Aufbau).

Digital Video Link, Links, Centre for Digital Video Processing, Dublin.

Video Database Links, Wright State University

INFORMEDIA-II Canregie Mellon University

Hypercafe Nithin Sawhney, David Balcom, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.

MBase, FX Palo Alto Laboratory, demo

MPEG, Moving Picture Experts Group, development of standards for coded representation of digital audio and video

VICAR, Video Indexing, Classification, Annotation and Retrieval, Johanneum Research, Graz

SMOOTH: Video Database Project, Erweiterung von VIDEX: An Integrated Generic Video Indexing Approach, Universität Klagenfurt

VIDEO: VIDEO and IMAGE DATA Exploration and Organization, Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC), Trient.

VideoQ, Image and Advanced TV Lab at Columbia University.demo

Excalibur Retrieval Ware, mit Video Analysis Engine kein download

HotMedia interactive media tool von IBM, download

Videologger von Virage, download, demo

VeonPlayer, VeonStudio von Veon, download

Andreas Girgensohn, John Boreczky, Lynn Wilcox, and Jonathan Foote: Facilitating Video Access by Visualizing Automatic Analysis, in: Human-Computer Interaction INTERACT '99, IOS Press, pp. 205-212, 1999

John Tolva: Medialoom, an Interactive Authoring Tool for Hypervideo.

S. Siggelkow, R.-R. Grigat, and A. Ibenthal: Segmentierung von Bildfolgen für MPEG-4, in: 17. Tagung der Fernseh- und Kinotechnischen Gesellschaft (FKTG), pages 271-281, Wien, Austria, May 1996.

John R. Smith: Digital Video Libraries and the Internet IEEE Communications Magazine, January 1999.